UFO Hunters

I have never translated “UFO” into Spanish… But as part of this gig, I had to know just how the heck to do that… and here’s what I learned: It’s translated as “OVNI”, which stands for Objeto Volador No Identificado”. And as your Spanish speakers know… it’s always longer to say things in Spanish!

Baptist Hospital

And here’s the Spanish version… This commercial was filmed in English and Spanish… and doing takes for both versions in the Miami humidity was hot! This is the tough thing about filming in Miami… your face can melt off if you aren’t careful.  Fortunately, we got through our scene quickly… but even then, they had…

Just for Fun!

Here’s another of our home movies with our nephews. These short films are so fun to make, and it’s a great learning experience for our nephews.  We all brainstorm script ideas, then plan the shoots, find props and wardrobe, and memorize lines.  Not a bad weekend for the kids with their uncle and aunt!

Univision Game Show

A gameshow?  Really? That was our reaction when a casting director called asking us to audition.  We weren’t crazy about the idea… bust we decided it would be fun… and it was… mostly…. except for the disorganized production and the virtually unknown game rules.  That created quite the drama backstage.  But that’s another story for…